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Mar 21, 2013 5:00am EDT
trade. oracle gave weak third quarter guidance. cnbc's chief technology reporter john fortt has all the details from the report. >> oracle out with those very disappointing reports. stock was down as much as 8% after hours. here are the gruesome details. misses on the tom top ask bottom lines. wall street was looking for revenue around $9.4 billion. oracle turned in just shy of $9 billion. nonbacked eps of 64 cents. oracle turned in 65. as the revenue pretty much fell across the board, new lifeless and cloud revenue was well light. nongap operating margins, just a little bit light, but still in this. and then the guidance, q4 is oracle's big quarter. this is where wall street was hoping for some blowout numbers, looking for around 11.5 billion in revenue, 88 cents of eps, oracle said, no, we're not going to do quite that well, in fact, guided to just a negative 1 to plus 4% growth in revenue for the quarter. wall street better than 5% growth. new revenue will fall a couple of percentage points short of what wall street wanted and hardware product revenue very much light. the cfo say
Mar 20, 2013 5:00am EDT
, secretary of state john kerry is also here at the moment in jerusalem. he will be making these meetings and these rounds as well. he'll stay in the region after president obama leaves. he'll come back to jerusalem, speak to israeli officials about possibly starting peace talks -- starting peace talks again to find resolution when it comes to israeli/palestinian issue. it will be interesting to see what president obama says tomorrow when he speaks in front of hundreds of israeli students. he's made some strong words in the past condemning settlement construction in the occupied territories of the palestinians in the west bank. interesting to see what he has to say to these israeli students tomorrow. kelly? >> great stuff. thanks very much for that. straight ahead on the program, the internet isn't a vending machine. that's according to our next guest. he's the ceo of e-commerce giant. find out why he thinks you should check out with more than just profit in your basket. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south af
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2